Accounting services 

Accounting services:
  • accounting
  • payroll services
  • preparing annual financial accounts
  • calculation of corporate income tax
  • assistance with audit
  • financial report submission to Companies House and HMRC
General information on reports

Financial year end (accounting reference date) – a month after a company has been registered for a year. It can be changed – it can be shorten till 1 day and can lengthen to a maximum of 18 months.

Employer payment record need to be prepared monthly, taxes payment till next month 19th.

Annual financial accounts consists:
  • balance sheet
  • profit and loss calculation
  • directors report
  • notes to the accounts

Terms to file annual financial accounts – 9 months after financial year end date.

Audit requirements – if two conditions mentioned below come true:

  • annual turnover more than £ 6,5 million
  • balance more than £3,26 million
  • avarage number of employees more than 50