Additional services

We provide the following additional services:

Document legalization

Documents are legalized by the Consulate of the country where the document is intended to be used. Legalization is required in case the country has not joined the Hague Convention.

Document legalization costs depends from Embassy where documents need to be legalized.

Document apostilization

Documents are legalized by Apostille if the country where this document need to be used has joined the Hague Convention.

Document appostilization costs

Receiving of Certificate of Good Standing

Certificate of Good Standing (CGS). This is a document issued by Regiter, which confirms that the company has paid all the charges and has submitted all the reports.

A lot of banks are asking this document if the company exists for more than a year.

Certificate of Good Standing costs

Mail forwarding service

In case the company wishes to use its registered address for receiving mail as well, we can provide you mail forwarding service, meaning that the correspondence addressed to the company will be sent to your designated

address once a month using regular mail (courier mail can be used) to the address indicated by the client.

Mail forwarding costs